Reasons You’d Love My Job

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Most people grimace when I tell them I am a consulting statistical analyst for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and biodefense industries. That or they stare at me blankly trying to remember half of the words I just told them. For me, the amount of words in my job description depicts the variety and excitement I experience every day. While a student, it is common to work on the same project for months or even years. Here, within a day, I am able to work on a variety of projects in different programming languages with a diverse group of highly educated and supportive statisticians. BioStat Solutions, Inc. (BSSI) is a statistical consulting company that provides its employees the opportunity to grow in a nurturing work environment all the while providing clients with innovative solutions and meaningful interpretations.

Come Work with Us!

Working with a community of statisticians provides me the opportunity to continually grow and learn. Everyone has their own tips and tricks for programming and background knowledge of statistical methods best for different types of data. Collectively, BSSI has assembled a team of statisticians with experience in almost every disease area, a prerequisite for understanding a new project and the clients’ objectives. As a team we encourage each other and constantly communicate about ideas and outcomes. It has never felt like a competition, we want everyone to succeed because in the end it is not about our abilities, it is about the lives that could be saved and the people we could help. It is a special kind of place that establishes that type of an environment.

The research community is a fast paced world, needing accurate results quickly. As statisticians supporting these researchers, we must, as my supervisor has said, “Work fast, but don’t hurry.” Time is money, but more important than money is accuracy. Rest assured, quality is never sacrificed for speed. BSSI also provides their employees opportunity to take classes and expand their knowledge, which allows us to use advanced statistical techniques and innovative methods to decipher data and provide accurate results with meaningful interpretations in a timely manner. This clearly demonstrates our desire as a company to continually improve and to provide our clients with the most relevant statistical techniques.

Remember that grimace I mentioned? Statistics and their meaning are main causes of that scowl. BSSI has made it a top priority to link the results of our analyses to an explicit explanation. We provide clients with answers to the ‘so-what’ questions. Statistics reveal what is truly going on and when researchers understand their statistics, progress happens.

Some people select a position or employer based on money, others base it on location or status. I chose BSSI because this is a place where I can become a better statistician and use my talents to help improve people’s lives.