Drug Target Identification and Validation

Failure rates in the drug development process is very high, with approximately 1 in 10 drugs making it to the approval stage (Hay et al., 2014). One reason for such a high failure rate is the lack of in-depth understanding of drug targets in early development (Patel et al., 2017). To improve this process, it is important to establish biological relevance, tissue specific effects, and experimental evidence as well as understand how a target interacts with other molecules.

The growing wealth of human data may contribute to selecting the best targets and indications (Nelson et al., 2015). Leveraging information from “big data” such as clinical and OMICS data using analytical approaches is useful for gaining deeper insights in pursing the “right” target and translating into beneficial therapeutic and financial success.

BSSI provides unique analytical solutions to drug target identification and validation.

  • A strong analytical team with relevant experience in biological sciences;
  • Expertise in applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve problems in the pharmaceutical industry;
  • Experience in developing highly customized visualization tools and platforms for biomarker data integration and analysis;
  • Collaboration with multiple large pharma companies specifically on drug target identification and validation using OMICS data including genomics and transcriptomics among others;
  • A good understanding and hands-on experience in analyzing “big data” from biobanks (e.g. UK Biobank), public databases, and reference populations.