The development and use of bioinformatics tools is needed to parse the vast amounts of OMICS data. A thorough understanding of the biological context is needed for a meaningful interpretation of the results. Our staff’s multidisciplinary expertise supports clients’ drug target identification, validation and prioritization projects as well as other biomarker-focused studies.

BSSI constantly develops and updates a variety of analytical pipelines to meet the needs of clinical and non-clinical development and the advent of new biotechnologies. For example:

  • Preprocessing and quality control of OMICS data such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics among others;
  • Integration and analysis of vast phenotypic information often seen in Electronic Health Records or biobanks;
  • Association analysis using next generation sequencing data (e.g. whole genome sequencing, bulk RNA sequencing, single-cell or single-nuclei RNA sequencing);
  • Predictive modeling of molecular or clinical phenotypes using high dimensional data;
  • Strategies and computational pipelines for drug target identification and validation.