BSSI employs a High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster to meet the demands inherent in large dataset analyses. This environment utilizes state of the art server hardware, making it possible to leverage the latest 10 Gbps network technology. With the power of hundreds of Intel CPUs and several terabytes of Random Access Memory (RAM) the cluster can process large data sets quickly and effectively.

Network is provided by a dedicated, enterprise level fiber connection along with Cat 6 cable throughout the suite. Network access is controlled through enterprise level firewalls along with network intrusion prevention. Network backups are accomplished using an off-site data storage system. The data center is protected by means of a FM200 waterless fire suppression system backed-up with a pre-action sprinkler system. Environmental control of the data center is achieved by a dedicated, redundant AC system. Power is preserved by a 3-phase Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) along with a dedicated back-up diesel generator. The remainder of BSSI’s office is powered and environmentally maintained by the corporate centers’ megawatt diesel generator and variable-air-volume energy-efficient HVAC.

BSSI’s physical security is managed by electronic access control and video surveillance by closed circuit cameras. Security records are regularly audited.