Our Team

Our People Make the Difference!

We believe that the team outperforms the individual, therefore no matter how small the task, we always have more than just one person working on a given project (What BSSI refers to as a Composite Full Time Equivalent). The combination of diverse in-house talent and varied experiences at BSSI makes our team as efficient and strong as it is! Our clients benefit in return by receiving validated analyses from a team of knowledgeable and efficient statisticians who come alongside them with the goal of helping the client succeed and reach their research objectives. That’s why so many clients have been with us for years!

Our team consists of a growing number of highly talented creative statisticians and statistical analysts, who stay at the top of their game through internal research and method development efforts. This ensures that we keep pace with the fast developments in the medical research field we operate in and enables us to help our clients find the best analytical answers for studies.

Our internal research and method development efforts also provide avenues for continuing education and career development.

\ ik-ˈspir-ē-ən(t)st \
having skill or knowledge from doing something; having experience
accomplished, ace, adept, complete, consummate, crackerjack, educated, proficient, expert, good, great, masterful, masterly, practiced, professed, skillful, versed, veteran, virtuoso