How We Work

BSSI Precision Statistics® Advantage

BSSI’s Precision Statistics® analytics provide the client not only with analyses, but more importantly, we help provide sound interpretation of statistical findings to help answer the “so-what” question. Every project is first evaluated by in-house statisticians who have relevant experience in the field of interest, who much like a team of clinicians meet first with the patient to gain a thorough understanding of their research needs. Once an understanding is gained of the analytical needs of the client, and an analyses plan is agreed upon a team of statisticians get to work to the right mix of experiences in disease area, data type, and study type. This team works closely with the client’s team to develop an analytical strategy tailored around the needs of the client.

Through the BSSI team, our clients gain access to:

  • A diverse team of statisticians, geneticists and epidemiologists (“composite FTE”)
  • Integration with cross-functional in-house experts
  • Continuous communication that ensures that we help answer the right questions in a timely manner
  • Written, audited, version-controlled Standard Operating Procedures to achieve uniformity
  • Validation in the form of peer review performed on all work products
  • A team of statisticians who are experienced at integrating with client-specific policies and procedures

BSSI does not use subcontractors for its statistical services.

\ əd-ˈvan-tij \
: something (such as a good position or condition) that helps to make someone or something better or more likely to succeed than others : a good or desirable quality or feature : benefit or gain
better, edge, high ground, inside track, jump, pull, stead, upper hand, vantage,